Debbie Reda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976, and lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

She has a degree in Art and Curatorship Cultural Management. She worked very early in the Fashion Industry, assisting, drawing, and sketching collections for major couturiers. Self-taught painter, she has been drawing professionally since she was 17 years old and painting since 2013 when she did her first individual exhibition in Argentina.

Taking a record of the influence of Art Brut, drawing and painting as a child, the phenomenon of repetition appears in her abstract work citing repetition exercises when one learned to draw as a kid. These kind of stokes appears also in her blackboards series or in the graffities at the urban works.

Her Monster Collection is her Figurative Serie, that defines her cartoonish visual style as a Childlike Neo-pop Art. The characters, reflect with humor and irony, different moods, and circumstances of everyday life. Debbie Reda’s works are noted for her little monsters with flat and bold colors as her own alter ego, turned into children, with an angelical appearance but mischievous at the same time. Her works is characterized by representing the adventures and the naughtiness of these creatures and tends to idealize a happy childhood, in which the playful way of learning and observing is enhanced.

Focused more on emotions, with her work she looks for a way to preserve the innocence of childhood through memory and playfulness using the aesthetic conventions of cartoons, comics, and children’s book illustrations.

Exploring her own childhood memories, in special the relationship with her grandfather, her work cites the games, the toys, the playground and the dreams of a child. Typical objects constantly appear in her colorful work such as rainbows, balls, bears, ladders, planes, dogs, spaceships, trains, cars, Lego towers or magic cubes and board games. All are the elements that she used to draw or play with when she was a very little kid.

The Monster collection have an original story behind. These little monsters came to Earth on an expedition and fell in love with Nature and the Human Being. Since then, they transformed into little boys with the mission of remembering adults the value of small details in life and teach about happiness. They do not know about bad feelings, always with a great sense of humor, positive thoughts and, with innocence and in a playful way, they continue discovering and seeing the world as it were the first time.

Debbie Reda is a well-known recognized internationally artist. Her work belongs to collections worldwide. In 2021 she has been selected to be part of the Noble Salon of the WWArt Fair in Shanghai placing her among the 40 trending international artists of the moment. From there she has not stopped and continue growing with multiple projects on going and a full program of solo and group exhibitions and art fair programas closed till 2026.